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Hard Chrome Plated Rod Introduction – by Chrome plated Shafting Manufacturer

Hard Chrome plated rod is known as chrome plated shafting also, they are the same product. This product is usually manufactured from cold rolled or hot rolled carbon steel round rod, by using high precision centerless grinding and polishing methods, and then chrome plated to a certain plating thickness such as min. 20 microns (0.0008″), min. 25 microns (0.001″), min. 50μm (0.002″) and so on. 

Guangxi is a leading China chrome plated rod manufacturer factory and supplier. Our factory produces and supplies chrome plated rods with full range of steel grades and dimensions. 

As the chrome plated rod is usually used as hydraulic cylinder shafts, pneumatic cylinder shafts and other machine shafts, so they are known as Hard Chrome Plated Shafts also.


  1. Chrome plated rod Main description
  2. Main types of Chrome plated shafting / rods

Chrome plated rods: Product description

Chrome plated rods, chrome plated hollow bar, chrome plated shafts, piston rods

Product Materials

Product Sizes

Our hard chrome plated shafting is available with sizes as below.

Metric Size: Diameter min. 10 mm, and max. 900 mm;

Imperial Size: diameter 3/8″ to 36″

Length: fixed length 100mm to 14000 mm, random length available.

Tolerance: f7, f8, g6, and so on.

Chrome plated rod Heat treatment

Chrome plated rods can be supplied with heat treatment condition as below.

  • Induction hardened, high frequency hardening, etc.
  • Q&T: Quenching and Tempering heat treatment

Chrome plated shafting Surface Condition

The surface roughness of the chrome plated shafting comes in two series which are Max Ra 0.2 μm and max Ra 0.4μm.

Chrome plating Thickness

The chrome layer thickness of our chrome plated rod is Available in Min. 20 microns, 25 microns, 30 microns, … 60 microns.

Main types of Chrome plated rod

As one of the leading chrome plated rod manufacturers, our factory produces all types of chrome plated shafting with full range of materials and a wide size range from ⌀10mm – 800 mm. 

CK45 chrome plated rod

CK45 hard chrome plated rod is also called CK45 chrome rod for short sometimes, it is the hard chrome plated bar made of steel grade CK45.

1045 Chrome Plated Rod

1045 hard chrome plated rod is also called SAE 1045 chrome rod for short sometimes, it is the hard chrome plated shafting made of steel grade SAE 1045.

Induction hardened chrome plated rod

Induction hardening of piston rods in hydraulic cylinders is performed in order to increase the resistance to damage from external impact in applications where there is risk for them. 

As the first level chrome plated rod manufacturer, our factory has been manufacturing & supplying Induction Hardened Chrome Plated Rods for more than 25 years, our hard chrome plated rod and Induction Hardened Chrome Plated shafts are widely used in hydraulic cylinders and pneumatic cylinders.

4140 Hard Chrome plated rod

As a leading China 4140 Hard Chrome Plated rod manufacturer and supplier, Guangxi has been manufacturing and supplying 4140 Hard Chrome rods with details as below for more than 25 years. 

Chrome Plated Hollow Rod

Chrome plate hollow rod is known as chrome plated OD tube or hollow chrome rod also, they are made of cold drawn seamless tubes or hollowed rods, by grinding and precision polishing on the outside diameter and then chrome plated to a certain thickness on the outer diameter.


Our factory can supply highest quality hard chrome plated bars and chrome rods to customers all over the world. If you are interested in our hard chrome piston rod, chrome rod, chrome plated bars, please contact us by email to [email protected]

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