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Cylinder Barrels, honed cylinder tubes

Product Introduction: What is a hydraulic cylinder barrel?

A hydraulic cylinder barrel is a component of a hydraulic cylinder, which is a type of linear actuator that is used to provide a force in a linear motion. The hydraulic cylinder barrel is the cylindrical body of the hydraulic cylinder that contains the fluid, usually oil, that is used to generate the force. The barrel is usually made of a high-strength material, such as steel or aluminum, and is designed to withstand the pressure and stress of the hydraulic fluid.

The hydraulic cylinder barrel is connected to the hydraulic cylinder head and the hydraulic cylinder rod. When fluid is introduced into the hydraulic cylinder barrel, it pushes the hydraulic cylinder rod out of the cylinder head, causing it to extend. When fluid is removed from the hydraulic cylinder barrel, the hydraulic cylinder rod retracts back into the cylinder head. The hydraulic cylinder barrel is a critical component of the hydraulic cylinder, as it is responsible for containing the fluid and transferring the force generated by the fluid to the hydraulic cylinder rod.

Hydraulic cylinder barrel plays a most important role in hydraulic cylinder, it works as the body of the hydraulic cylinder as it serves as the main container for the cylinder pressure. Hydraulic cylinder barrel is known as hydraulic cylinder tube also. On the other hand, for pneumatic cylinders, the cylinder barrel is known as a pneumatic cylinder barrel. 

Our factory is a prominent manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic cylinder barrels and boasts a full range of sizes produced with various steel grades. This product is a core offering at our facility.

Product description: Hydraulic Cylinder barrel

  • Product Name: Hydraulic Cylinder Barrel, Penumatic Cylinder Barrel
  • Brand: Guangxi Hydraulics
  • Certificate of Origin: China, Wuxi
  • Materials of hydraulic cylinder barrel:

Our hydraulic cylinder barrels are available with materials of: SAE 1020 , SAE 1026, SAE1030/1035, E355, E255, E215, E235, ST52 /ST52.3, St35, St 37.4, SAE 4140, 42CrMo, 27SiMn, CK45, and so on.

  • Delivery heat treament condition:
    • DIN2391: BK, BK+S, GBK, NBK
    • EN10305-1: +C, +SR, +LC, +A, +N
  • Dimension Range:
    • Metric dimensions: I.D 32 mm to I.D 800 mm, Wall thickness 3 mm-50 mm
    • Imperial dimensions (Inch sizes):  ID 1.5″ to ID 36″, Wall thickness 1/8″ – 2″
    • Length: max length up to 13 meters, and we provide cut hydraulic cylinder barrels to short length services.
  • Surface Roughness: 
    • Inner Diameter Surface Roughness: Ra 0.2 μm to Ra 0.4 μm
    • Outer Diameter Surface Roughness: around Ra 1.6 μm
  • Straightness: 0.5 mm / 1000mm.


Hydraulic Cylinder Barrel: Преимущества

  • Допуски высокой точности;
    Our cylinder barrel can meet ID tolerance H7, H8, H9, … etc according to the customer’ requirements, and its I.D dimension.
  • Бесшовная труба с высокой устойчивостью к давлению;
    We only use seamless cold drawn tubes to produce the cylinder barrel, which means our hydraulic cylinder barrel can work under higher pressure, thus our hydraulic cylinder barrels are more reliable for hydraulic cylinder applications.
  • High Smooth inside surface.
    The roughness of the inner diameter of our cylinder barrel is Max Ra 0.4 microns ID finish (16Max Ra ID Finish). Honing process and Skiving & Roller burnishing (SRB) process are the two main types of processes for manufacturing cylinder barrels, with the above process, the inner surface is super smooth.
  • Flexible order quantity: we accept small quantity orders, even if there is only one piece of hydraulic cylinder barrel or penumatic cylinder barrel, we can also produce and supply.
  • Good weldability: The weldability of our cylinder barrel is very good, this is quite helpful for manufacturing the cylinders.

Packing Method: Hydraulic Cylinder Barrel

The packing method of a hydraulic cylinder barrel refers to the way in which the hydraulic cylinder tube is protected and secured during transportation and storage. The packing method is important to ensure that the hydraulic cylinder barrel is not damaged during shipping and handling and to protect it from the elements, such as moisture and dust.

The following are some common packing methods for hydraulic cylinder barrels:

  • Wooden Crate: The hydraulic cylinder barrel is placed inside a wooden crate that is specifically designed to fit the size and shape of the cylinder. The crate is secured with screws or nails and is designed to protect the cylinder from impact and abrasion.
  • Steel Banding: The hydraulic cylinder barrel is wrapped in steel banding, which is tightened with a ratchet tool. The steel banding provides additional protection from impact and abrasion.
  • Plastic Wrap: The hydraulic cylinder barrel is covered with a layer of plastic wrap, which protects it from moisture and dust. The plastic wrap is then secured with steel banding or tape.
  • Plastic Bag: The hydraulic cylinder barrel is placed inside a large plastic bag, which protects it from moisture and dust. The bag is then sealed and secured with steel banding or tape.

These are just some of the common packing methods for hydraulic cylinder barrels. The specific packing method will depend on the size and weight of the cylinder barrels, the shipping distance, and the customer’s requirements. And each hydraulic cylinder barrel needs to be oiled in and outside to prevent the tube from rusted.

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