Хромированный Стержень SAE 1045 | Хромированный стержень 1045

1045-CK45 Chrome Plated Rods

SAE 1045 Chrome Plated Bar| 1045 Chrome Bar| 1045 Chrome Rod

As a premier supplier of Hard Chrome Plated Rods in China, our factory produces a comprehensive range of 1045 chrome plated bars, with diameters ranging from 6mm to 900mm.

hard chrome plated rods, 1045 chrome bar
Chrome Plated Hydraulic Cylinder Rod

What is 1045 chrome plated bar?

1045 chrome plated bar is also called 1045 chrome bar or 1045 chrome rod for short sometimes, it is the твердые хромированные валы made of steel grade SAE 1045.

The 1045 chrome plated rod is a medium carbon steel with the SAE 1045 specification that is supplied in a polished, chrome plated and final polished condition. It has a tensile strength range of 670 to 800 Mpa and a yield strength of around 520 Mpa (75Ksi).

The SAE 1045 steel is equivalent to the German standard CK45 or C45, making the 1045 chrome plated rod also known as CK45 chrome plated bar or CK45 Chrome rod.

Here below is the chemical composition and mechanical properties of SAE 1045 and CK45.

Марка сталиХимический состав %
УглеродМн .SiPS
SAE 10450.43-0.500.60-0.900,040 Макс.0,050 Макс.
0.42-0.500.50-0.800,40 Макс.0,035 Макс.

0,035 Макс.

Марка сталиМеханические свойства
Предел текучестиПрочность на растяжениеУдлинениеТвердость
SAE 104575000 фунтов на квадратный дюйм / 517 Мпа85000 фунтов на квадратный дюйм / 585 МПа10%Рк 60-72
СК 4575000 фунтов на квадратный дюйм / 517 Мпа85000 фунтов на квадратный дюйм / 585 МПа10%

Рк 60-72

Product Details of 1045 Chrome Plated Bar

As the leading 1045 chrome plated bar suppliers, our factory produces 1045 chrome bar with details as below.

Why choose our SAE 1045 Chrome Bar?

Here below are the main advantages of our chrome bars and services.

  • Our factory has nearly 30 years’ manufacturing experience for chrome plated steel bars;
  • Quality raw materials: our raw materials for chrome plated shafting are mainly from the famous China steel makers, such as TPCO, BAO STEEL, SHA STEEL, which are best and largest steel rod manufacturers in China.
  • Advanced manufacturing equipment and facilities, including: cold drawing machine, straightening machine, polishing machine, heat treatment furnace, grinding machine, etc. Our professional engineers do regular scheduled maintenance on these machines to guarantee them work well.
  • Reliable Packing: All the chrome plated shafts will be oiled by the anti-rust oil before delivery. And to protect the outer surface of the chroming of piston rods, we will use cardboard (paper pipe) to pack each rod, and then pack with seaworthy package such as wooden cases or rope wraps.
  • Strictly Quality Management: Our factory has a QC team of more than 10 persons. All the chrome rods will be inspected before delivery. The inspections including: Chemical Analysis Test, Tensile Test, Dimension Inspection, Roughness Testing, Chrome plated thickness test and other tests according to standards and cusotmer’s requirements.
  • Mature quality management system: our Total quality management system ensures all the working processes related to product quality are in good control.
  • High precision dimensions: Our chrome plated rods are manufactured with high dimension precision, tolerance can be ISO f7, f8 or g6, upon request. Which ensures the precision of the hydraulic cylinders or the machineries.
  • High smooth surface quality, surface roughness max. 0.2 microns.
  • Higher yield strength: our chrome plated bar is with standard yield strength of min. 517 Mpa (75 ksi), and we can also supply chrome plated rod with yield strength of 10000 ksi and 15000 ksi up on customers’ requests.
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