How to choose a high-quality chrome-plated bar?

The hydraulic piston rod plays a crucial role in the mechanical movement of pistons. It is commonly known as a Hard chrome plated shaft, as it is made of хромированный стержень. The selection of a high-quality chrome plated bar is of utmost importance. In this article, we will discuss the selection criteria for chrome plated bars, focusing on material, hardness, straightness, and thickness of the chrome-plated layer. Chrome plated rods are typically used in the manufacturing of piston rods. Given the frequent movement of pistons, the quality standards for this component are exceptionally high. By subjecting the piston rod to a hard chrome plating process, its hardness and lifespan can be significantly enhanced. Let me now provide a brief overview of the fundamental requirements for a chrome-plated piston rod.

Basic requirements for chrome-plated bar:

1. Must have sufficient strength, stiffness and stability;

2. Good wear resistance, high machining accuracy and surface roughness requirements;

3. Structurally, minimize the influence of stress concentration;

4. Make sure the connection is firm and prevent loosening;

5. The design of the piston rod structure should facilitate the disassembly and assembly of the piston.

How to choose a high-quality chrome-plated rod?

1. Materials (Steel grade)

This material is the main raw material when manufacturing cylinder piston rods, so we can choose high quality chrome plated rods according to the quality of the materials used. We produce high quality chrome rods in CK45/C45, SAE 4140 / 42CrMo, and so on. Depends on the materials used, there are below different types of chrome plated rods.

2. Hardness

Hardness mainly refers to the ability of a material to resist the pressing of hard objects into its surface. However, the hardness is not as hard as possible, the hardness should be appropriate. Because only the proper hardness can guarantee the quality of the product. The hard chrome plated layer can provide excellent surface hardness of the chrome plated rods. In addition, we can improve the hardness of the chrome plated piston rods by suitable heat treatment. Normally there are three different types of chrome plate rods with different heat treatment process as below.

3. Straightness

High-quality chrome-plated piston rods also attach great importance to their straightness requirements, because straightness is an important indicator.

4. Thickness of chrome-plated layer

A high-quality chrome rod typically boasts a chrome finish measuring thickness 0.020mm or greater, which is ideal for ensuring a sleek shaft piston rod. Chrome-plated piston rods find their primary applications in hydraulic pneumatics, construction machinery, the production of automobile piston rods, guide columns for plastic machinery, packaging machinery, printing machinery cylinders, textile machinery, conveying machinery shafts, linear optical shafts, and more. Our expertise lies in manufacturing a wide range of chrome-plated rods, piston rods, hollow piston rods, chrome-plated piston rods, hydraulic cylinder rods, precision piston rods, oil cylinder piston rods, smooth shafts, linear shafts, and other related products. With impeccable surface finish, consistent hardness, punctual delivery, direct factory supply, ample stock availability, competitive wholesale prices, and swift delivery, we invite you to reach out to us for any inquiries or consultations.

Chrome pated bar, chrome plated rods

We are manufacturer of honed tubes and chrome plated bars, besides chrome plated piston rods, we also produce below proeducts.

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