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Stainless steel honed tubes /Stainless honing tubing

Stainless steel honed tubing is produced from cold drawn stainless steel 316 /316L or stainless steel 304/304L tubing, or other grades of stainless-steel pipes, by honing process or skiving & roller burnishing process. Our factory mostly uses stainless steel honing tubes to produce and mend the stainless-steel hydraulic cylinders or stainless-steel pneumatic cylinders.

As one of the top-level China honed tube manufacturers & suppliers, Gaugnxi also produces honed tubes in stainless steels, duplex stainless steels in a wide range of sizes.

Stainless steel honed tubes /Stainless honing tubing

Main materials of stainless-steel honed tubes

Our factory can manufacture & supply stainless steel honed tubes in a wide range of grades as:

  • Stainless steel AISI 304 /304L (EN 1.4301), AISI 316 /316L (EN 1.4404)
  • Duplex stainless steel: 2205, 2507

We also can supply stainless steel honed cylinder tubes with other stainless steel grades on customers’ request.

Main Features

As the leading honed tube manufacturer, our factory produces and supplies honing tubes in stainless steel with advances as below.

  • Wide range of dimensions available
    The sizes of stainless steel honed pipe are available from O.D 32 mm to O.D 609 mm;
  • High precision dimension tolerance. We supply our stainless steel honed cylinder tubes with I.D tolerance H8, H9 or H10 on customers request.
  •  High smoothly inside surface, the inside surface roughness of our stainless steel honed cylinder tube can be Max. Ra 0.4 μm as per standard ISO 4287/88.
  • High tensile strength and yield strength
  • Our stainless steel honed cylinder tubes are featured with strong corrosion resistance, and therefore durable in use.

Main applications of stainless steel honed tubes

Benefit from its high corrosion resistance, stainless steel honed tubing is widely used  in hydraulic cylinders and pneumatic cylinders in the fields of food and food processing industries, sewage and water treatment factories, ships and marine equipment, pharmaceutical industry, risers for oil platforms and pipelines facilities, and so on.  

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