Каковы основные факторы, влияющие на долговечность гидравлических цилиндров

Hydraulic cylinders are widely used in various industry fields. As a top level quality China manufacturer & supplier of materials for hydraulic cylinders, including hydraulic cylinder tube и хромированный стержень, chrome plated od tube, we have rich knowledges on the main factors that affect the function and use of hydraulic cylinders. 

Which parts of hydraulic cylinders are commonly subject to damage?

The hydraulic cylinder’s damaged section is primarily the arc-shaped component that links the flange and the cylinder tube’s wall, followed by the arc-shaped component from the cylinder tube wall to the cylinder’s bottom. A few cracks have emerged on the cylinder wall, with some of them resulting from severe cavitation. Typically, the cylinder has experienced a heavy workload when it sustains damage, and fatigue damage occurs as cracks develop and grow over time.

Chief factors which affect the durability of hydraulic cylinders

The durability of hydraulic cylinders is affected by various factors, which must be analyzed based on specific conditions. However, the main factors can be summarized as follows:

1. The wall of the hydraulic cylinder tube: Cracks typically appear on the inner wall and gradually spread outward. These cracks often develop longitudinally or at an angle of 40 degrees to the cylindrical wall.

2. Cylinder flange part: Lines on the outer surface of the cylinder flange over the arc can expand to the circumferential direction and the inner wall, causing the flange to partially or fully fall off.

3. Hydraulic cylinder bottom: Ring-shaped cracks may appear on the inner surface of the transition arc at the bottom of the cylinder, gradually expanding to the outer wall.

4. Cavitation: Honeycomb pits caused by cavitation can enter the inner wall of the hole, which accelerates the aging of the seal and affects the cost and work efficiency. Additionally, it can accelerate the deterioration of the hydraulic oil, causing blockages and ruptures in pipelines and damage to the hydraulic pump station.

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