Что такое трубка гидравлического цилиндра?- Ведущий поставщик из Китая

A hydraulic cylinder tube is a type of steel tube that is used as a housing for hydraulic cylinders, it is commonly known as a Honed tube in various industries, which is a crucial material for manufacturing hydraulic cylinders. Hydraulic cylinders are mechanical actuators that convert hydraulic energy into mechanical force and motion. They are commonly used in various industrial and mobile applications, such as construction equipment, manufacturing machinery, and agricultural machinery. Honed tubes are typically honed on the inside diameter of a Ready to Honed Tube, which is also referred to as honed ID tubing. Honing is a machining process that employs abrasion or grinding to create a precise surface on a metal workpiece, such as hydraulic tubes. The process involves scrubbing an abrasive grinding stone or wheel against a pre-honed tube in a controlled path. The primary purpose of honing is to improve the geometric shape of a surface.

The hydraulic cylinder tube provides a strong and durable цилиндр гидравлического цилиндра for the hydraulic cylinder’s internal components, including the hydraulic cylinder rod, piston and seals. The tube must be able to withstand high pressure and heavy loads while maintaining its structural integrity. The inner surface of the tube is often honed or polished to ensure a precise and smooth surface for the piston and seals to operate on. The material used to make hydraulic cylinder tubes may vary depending on the specific application, but it is typically a type of high-strength steel or other durable alloy.

Product Description: Hydraulic Cylinder Tube

As a leading hydraulic cylinder tube manufacturer & supplier, our factory produce and supply hydraulic cylinder tubes as below.

I.D dimension range: 30 mm to 762 mm (imperail size 1.25 inch to 30 inch), please see detailed list of our hydraulic cylinder tube sizes.

Длина: fixed length or random lengths, max length upto 15 meters.

Standard: DIN 2391 / EN 10305-1 / ASTM A519

Material: ST52 / ST 52.3; E355; SAE 1020; SAE 1026; SAE 1045

I.D surface Roughness: max Ra0.4μm

Yield Strength: 510 Mpa to 590 Mpa.

Packing: capped with plastic caps at ends, packed in bundles with plastic wovens.

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