We are a leading manufacturer of honed tube, chrome plated bar.​

Since the year 1996. Our products are widely used for hydraulic cylinders & pneumatic cylinders in many countries in the world.

honed tube and chrome plated rod manufacturer & supplier

About Us​

As a leading China honed tube supplier and manufacturer, Guangxi has over 25 years of experience producing high-precision honed tubes, honed tubing, chrome plated bars, and chrome plated tubes for hydraulic applications. We built two factories, one is the honed tube factory, and the other is the chrome plated bar factory. Our 65,000 square meter facility includes a 55,000 square meter building, of which 50,000 square meters is dedicated production space. Our factories produce over 20,000 tons of cold drawn seamless tubes, honed tubes (hydraulic cylinder tubes), and 30,000 tons of chrome plated rods annually.

Honed tube factory

Our Honed Tube Factory​

Our honed tube factory was found in the year 1996, mainly manufactures honed cylinder tubes, cold drawn seamless tubes and chrome plated tubes.

Our honed tube factory is equipped with most advanced manufacturing machineries and inspection instruments. Our honed tube factory can produce around 2000 tons honed tubes each month. Products are exported to many countries for hydraulic cylinder applications, including USA, Russia, Australia, Mexico and so on, we had gained very good reputation from the customers.

Our Chrome Plated Bar Factory​

Our chrome plated bar factory was built in the year 2000, focused on manufacturing chrome plated bar, induction hardened chrome plated rods, chrome plated hollow rods. Our chrome rods are widely used for hydraulic cylinders.

Our chrome plated bar factory was built near our honed tube factory, which ensures customers can buy chrome plated bar and honed tubes at our one stop service. Our chrome plated bar factory is consist of 10 advanced manufacturing workshops, to act different manufacturing processes. Our chrome plated rods are exported to many countries including USA, Europe, Australia, and so on.

Our Chrome plated bar factory


Honed Tubes

Honed Tube​

Honed tube for hydraulic cylinders, with various materials (ST52.3, SAE1026, SAE1020, SAE 4140, etc) and full size range (ID 32 mm to ID 800mm).​

Chrome Plated Bar, chrome plated rods

Chrome Plate Bar​

Hard chrome plated rod for hydraulic cylinder piston rod, with material CK45, C45, 1045, 4140, 20MnV6, etc; size range diameter 10 mm to 800 mm.​

Chrome Plated Hollow Bar​

Chrome Plated Hollow Bar​ for cylinder rod, with material ST52.3, CK45, etc, size range OD 15 mm to OD 800 mm.

Why Choose US?

Customers have given us positive feedback due to the following reasons:

  • High quality Products: Our honing tube & Chrome plated bar are manufactured using advanced equipment and processes, ensuring consistent quality and dimensional accuracy.
  • Wide range of dimensions: We offer our products in a wide range of dimensions, making it easier for customers to find the right product for their specific needs.
  • Strict quality control: Our factory has a strong focus on quality control, with regular inspections and testing to ensure that our products meet customer requirements.
  • Timely delivery: We make sure that our products are delivered to customers on time, so that they can complete their projects and fulfill their commitments.
  • Reliable packing: We use protective packaging to ensure that the honed tubes and chrome plated rods are not damaged during transport.
  • Good reputation: Our customers appreciate the high-quality products and services we provide, as well as our attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction.

By choosing us as their supplier, customers can benefit from a reliable source of high-quality products and excellent customer service.

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