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Chrome-plated-tube, chrome plated tubing, chrome plated hollow bar

Chrome plated tube: General Introduction

The chrome plated tubing is also commonly referred to as chrome plated hollow bar and is an important material for the production of hydraulic piston rods. The chrome plated outer diameter provides a lightweight option for the design of safe hydraulic cylinders. The popularity of chrome plated OD tubes in the field of hydraulic cylinder manufacturing highlights its importance.

Chrome plated tubes also are known as hollow chrome rods, are manufactured from cold-drawn seamless tubes or hollow bars. The outside diameter of the tube is chrome-plated to a specific thickness after undergoes grinding and precision polishing. So in the USA, these tubes are commonly referred to as chrome-plated OD tubing. The use of chrome-plated tubes in hydraulic piston rods helps to reduce weight and is widely used in the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders.

Chrome-plated-tube, chrome plated tubing, chrome plated hollow bar

Chrome plated OD tubing: Detailed Product Descriptions

In addition to chrome plated od tubing, there is also chrome plated inner diameter tubing (chrome plated ID tube). This is created by chrome plating the inner diameter of honed tubing to a specific thickness.

Our chrome plated tubing is widely usde for the applications of hydraulic cylinders for various machines, and other applications where high surface performance and high precision diameter is required. As one of the leading manufacturer of honed tube, chrome plated bar and chrome plate tubes, we exported our chrome plated tubes to many countries in the world. These countries including Vietnam, Australia, Columbia, South Africa, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Korea, USA, Canada, Mexico, Thailand and so on. 

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