Honed tubes for hyraulic cylinders

ST 52 / ST52.3 / E355 / S355 / SAE 1026 Hydraulic honed cylinder tubing manufacturer in China

Honed tube, also known as hydraulic cylinder tube, plays a vital role in various industries. Honed tubes are considered a crucial component in the production of hydraulic cylinders. This particular kind of tubing is typically honed in the inner diameter of a Ready to Honed Tube, hence its alternate name, honed ID tubing. Honing is a machining process involving abrasion or grinding, which results in a precise surface on a metal workpiece such as Hydraulic Tubes. In this process, a grinding stone or wheel with abrasive properties is rubbed against a Pre Honed Tube along a controlled path. Honing is primarily employed to improve the geometric shape of a surface.

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