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Chrome plated bar, also known as hard chrome plated shaft, chrome steel bar, chrome plated shafting, and chrome rods for hydraulic cylinders, are manufactured from cold rolled or hot rolled carbon steel round bars. This is achieved through the use of high precision centerless grinding and polishing methods, followed by chrome plating to a minimum thickness of 20 microns (0.0008 inches). This chrome plating layer offers excellent corrosion resistance and a highly reflective appearance, making it ideal for producing top-quality hydraulic cylinder rods.

Chrome plated bar: Product Introduction

Why Choose us?

Here below are the main advantages of our products and services.

  • Rich and mature manufacturing experience: Our factory has nearly 30 years of experience in producing chrome plated bars, which gives us a strong understanding of customer needs and allows us to provide high-quality products;
  • Advanced manufacturing equipment and facilities: Our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and facilities allow us to produce chrome plated rods with high precision and consistency, which including: cold drawing machine, straightening machine, polishing machine, heat treatment furnace, grinding machine, etc. We also regularly maintain and upgrade our machinery to ensure their performance.
  • High-quality raw materials: We source our raw materials from reputable steel manufacturers in China such as TPCO, SHA STEEL, BAO STEEL, ensuring that our honed tubes are made with premium-quality materials.
  • High precision: Our chrome plated bar is manufactured with tight tolerance and high-dimension precision, which is important for hydraulic cylinder applications.  Diameter tolerance can be ISO f7, f8 or g6, upon request.
  • To ensure the longevity of the chrome plated shafts, they will be coated with rust-preventing oil before shipment. The outer surface of the chrome will be protected during transit through the use of cardboard tubes for each rod. Finally, the rods will be packed in sturdy, seaworthy packaging such as wooden crates or wrapped with ropes.
  • Strictly quality control: Our factory has a QC team of more than 10 persons. All the chrome rods will be inspected before delivery. The inspections including: Chemical Analysis Test, Tensile Test, Dimension Inspection, Roughness Testing, Chrome plated thickness test and other tests according to standards and cusotmer’s requirements.
  • Mature quality management system: Our Total Quality Management system ensures that all aspects of our business related to product quality are well-controlled and monitored.
Our chrome plated rods have been exported to customers worldwide, serving a wide range of applications including hydraulic cylinders, shafts, rollers for different machinery. We have earned a strong reputation among our customers in China and in other countries such as the USA, Colombia, Canada, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Russia, Belarus, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia, South Africa, Ukraine, Brazil, Turkey, New Zealand, Singapore, and European countries as Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Poland and so on. 
Chrome Plated shafting

Besides chrome plated rods, we also produce and supply induction hardened chrome plated cylinder rods.

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Questions & Answers about Chrome Plated Bar

Question 1: What is the lead time of Chrome plated rods?

Answer: As one of the leading China chrome plated bar suppliers, we stock a lot of different sizes and materials of mother steel rods, so normally our delivery time is 10 – 20 days depends on the quantity and size.

Question 2: How can you ensure the quality of the hard chrome plated rods?

Answer: Yes, we execute Total Quality Management System in our chrome plated bar factory. We only use raw materials (round steel bar) made in China top quality steel maker such as TPCO, Sha-Steel, Huaigang Special Steel and so on. And we will inspect every chrome plated bar before packing, the hard chrome plated rod will be supplied with mill test certificate according to EN 10204 /3.1.

Question 3: Is your company chrome plated bar manufacturer or supplier trading company?

Answer: We are true chrome plated bar factory company located in Wuxi, Jiangsu, we are one of the professional chrome plated bar and hydraulic cylinder tube manufacturers in China, we welcome customers to come to visit our factory. Then you can see the details.

Question 4: How can you protect the outer surface of the chromed steel bars from damage during transportation?

Answer: To protect the outer surface of the hard chrome plated bar, we will put each chromed rod into a paper tube (cardboard sleeve). And then we will pack the chromed bar into wooden cases.

Question 5: Did you export your chrome plated shafts to oversea countries? And what is your main oversea market?

Answer: Yes, as the one of the largest chrome plated shaft suppliers in China, we exported our chrome plated shaft to many customers in oversea countries, our main market including USA, Vietnam, Australia, Russia, UAE, Canada, South Africa, Thailand, Brazil, etc.

Question 6: Will chrome plated steel bar rust?

Answer: No, Steel rod with Chrome plating will not rust, however when the chrome plating is damaged – it can appear dull. The steel core can rust if plating is lost through accidental damage or with natural wear over time.

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