Benefits of seamless honed tube and its production process

The honed tube is made using a rolling process, which results in residual compressive stress on the surface. This stress helps to seal small cracks and prevent erosion, thus improving the surface’s corrosion resistance. Additionally, this process delays the generation or expansion of fatigue cracks, thereby increasing the product’s fatigue strength. The rolling process also creates a cold work hardened layer on the surface, which reduces both elastic and plastic deformation of the grinding pair’s contact surface. This enhances the product’s wear resistance and helps to prevent grinding burns. Finally, the surface roughness decreases after rolling, which improves the product’s mating properties.

honed cylinder tubes

Here below are the main benefits of cold drawn seamless honed tubes.

1. Honing with high precision can typically only improve the shape accuracy of honed tubing. To improve the position accuracy of the tubes, additional measures are required. For instance, a jig can be used to enhance the perpendicularity of the tube’s end face and axis.

2. The honed hydraulic cylinder tube has a high-quality surface with a cross-hatched pattern that promotes the storage of lubricating oil and maintenance of the oil film. The surface also boasts a high support rate, enabling it to withstand heavy loads, resist wear, and extend its lifespan.

3. Wide application range: The honing process is suitable for a variety of hydraulic cylinder barrels, including those with through holes, axial and radial discontinuous holes, such as radial or groove holes, keyway holes, spline holes, blind holes, multi-step holes, and more.

4. Minimal cutting allowance: The honing process is an effective method for achieving the required product accuracy without removing excessive material. Using the workpiece as a guide, the honing tool removes only the necessary amount of material to achieve the desired accuracy for honing seamless pipes.

5. Superior correction capabilities: The honing process improves the dimensional accuracy, roundness, straightness, cylindricity, and surface roughness of the inner diameter and outer circumference of the honed tubes by removing only the required amount of material, resulting in an improved product.

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