What are the common requirements of quality for a hydraulic cylinder rod?

The hydraulic cylinder rod is the key important part for a hydraulic cylinder, it is usually made of a chrome plated bar. The chrome plated bar is a round steel bar with diameter precisionly grinding, polishing and chrome plating with a certain chrome thickness.

The following are some common requirements for the quality of chrome plated bar for hydraulic cylinder rods:

  1. Material: The piston rod should be made from high-strength, durable materials such as chrome-plated steel or stainless steel to ensure its longevity and resistance to wear and corrosion. The most popular material for hydraulic cylinder rod is CK45, which is also known as SAE 1045, C45. Chrome plated rod with CK45 is known as CK45 chrome plated rod or 1045 chrome plated rod. Besides CK45, we also produce and supply 4140 chrome plated bar.
  2. Straightness: The piston rod should be straight with minimal deviation from a straight line, which helps to maintain the alignment of the cylinder and prevent excessive wear on the seals.
  3. Surface finish: The surface of the piston rod should be smooth and free of defects or rough spots to prevent damage to the seals and ensure smooth operation.
  4. Hardness: The piston rod should have a high degree of hardness to resist bending, buckling, and other forms of deformation under heavy loads. For applications require higher hardness, we supply induction hardened chrome plated bar for our customers.
  5. Yield strength: The piston rod should have a high yield strength to withstand the forces generated by the hydraulic cylinder and prevent failure or breakage.
  6. Corrosion resistance: The piston rod should be resistant to corrosion to prevent damage to the rod and cylinder and ensure long-term reliability.
  7. Size and dimension: The piston rod should be manufactured to the correct size and dimension to fit precisely in the cylinder and prevent leaks and other issues.
Chrome plated rod for hydraulic cylinder piston rod

Overall, the quality of the piston rod is critical to the performance and reliability of the hydraulic cylinder, and it is essential to ensure that all the above requirements are met during the manufacturing process.

Our factory Guangxi Hydraulics manufactures a wide size range of chrome plated bar for cylinder rods. Besides chrome plated bar, we also produce and supply chrome plated ID tube and honed tube for hydraulic cylinder manufacturing & repairing.

Chrome plated bar for hydraulic cylinder rod
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