What are the factors that affect the utility of hydraulic cylinder barrels?

The hydraulic cylinder barrel, also known as hydraulic cylinder tube, is the main body of the hydraulic cylinder. Its inner hole is manufactured through precision machining processes such as boring, reaming, rolling, or honing to ensure smooth sliding of the piston, seals, and supports, which reduces wear and tear and ensures sealing. The cylinder bore is subjected to high hydraulic pressure, making sufficient strength and rigidity necessary. What factors impact the performance of hydraulic cylinder barrels?

  • The air goes inside the hydraulic cylinder barrel

To prevent the piston from slipping or crawling, it is important to address the compression or expansion of air in a hydraulic cylinder. This can be achieved by performing various measures such as checking the hydraulic pump, installing a specialized exhaust device, or quickly operating the full stroke to exhaust several times.

  • The interior of the hydraulic cylinder is stagnant

Most of the reasons are due to poor damage on the surface of parts or iron filings produced by sintering during assembly, which makes the resistance increase and the speed decrease. The solution is to readjust, replace damaged parts and remove iron filings.

  • Poor lubrication or the bore diameter of the hydraulic cylinder exceeds the allowable tolerance

If there is poor lubrication or if the diameter of the hydraulic cylinder exceeds the allowable tolerance, the relative motion between the piston, cylinder, guide sleeve, and piston rod can result in wear and reduced linearity of the center line. As a result, the frictional resistance may vary, causing crawling or slippage of the piston. To eliminate this issue, the inner wall of the hydraulic cylinder should be ground first, followed by the preparation of the piston according to requirements, grinding of the piston rod, and configuration of the guide sleeve.

  • The quality of the seals causes crawling or slipping

Compared with the u-shaped sealing ring, the o-shaped sealing ring is prone to creep or slip due to the high cross-sectional pressure and the large difference between the dynamic and static frictional resistance when it is used under low pressure. The section pressure of the u-shaped seal increases with the increase of the pressure. Although the sealing effect also increases accordingly, the gap between the dynamic and static friction resistance also increases. The increase in the internal pressure of the cylinder affects the elasticity of the rubber. Due to the contact resistance of the seal lip The increase will overturn and elongate the lip, and it is also easy to cause crawling or slippage. In order to prevent the seal from tipping over, a support ring can be used to reinforce it.

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