What are the heat treatment conditions of St 52.3 hydraulic cylinder tubes

Hydraulic cylinder tube also is known as hydraulic cylinder barrel in the hydraulic cylinder industries. This product is usually honed tubes made of steel grades with high strength and good weldability, steel grade st52.3 is the most popular material of hydraulic cylinder tubes.

Heat treatment Conditions of Hydraulic Cylinder Tube ST 52.3

In general, annealing and normalizing are two commonly used methods for heat treating steel. These processes aim to remove specific defects that result from the hot processing of steel or to prepare it for subsequent cutting and final heat treatment. Guangxi Hydraulic, a professional hydraulic cylinder tube factory, offers production with heat treat conditions including BK, BK+S, GBK, and NBK to ensure optimal performance of the honed tube.

Cold Finished(BK): Honed Cylinder Tubes do not undergo heat treatment following the final cold forming and thus, have a rather high resistance to deformation. However, such hydraulic cylinder tubes have poor elongation properties, and they are crispy.

Cold finished and stress-relieved: This is known as BKS condition as per DIN2391, and +SR as per DIN3015; After the final cold forming process, the BKS /+SR heat treatment is administered. This allows for an increase in residual stresses, which, under suitable processing conditions, permits a certain level of forming and machining.

Annealed(GBK): The last cold forming process is followed by annealing in a controlled atmosphere.

Normalized(NBK): The last cold forming process is followed by annealing above the upper transformation point in a controlled atmosphere.

With over two decades of experience, we specialize in manufacturing high-quality ST52.3 hydraulic cylinder tubes and chrome plated rods for use in hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. If you have any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Besides hydraulic cylinder tubes, our factory also produces chrome plated bar and chrome plated tube for hydraulic cylinders. So what is the heat treatment conditions for the chrome plated piston rods and chrome plated tubes? We will introduce in another article later.

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