What is honed tube?

Steel honed tubes

What is honed tubing?

Honed tube is usually a CDS (Cold drawn seamless) steel tube or DOM (Drawn Over Mandrel) steel tube with inside diameter honed or skived &roller burnished, so honed tubing is with extremely precise ID dimensions and smoothly ID surface.

Honed tubes are broadly utilized to produce and repair hydraulic cylinders and pneumatic cylinders. Thus in many fields, the honed tube is called cylinder tube also.

The production of honed tubes typically involves two primary manufacturing processes: honing or skiving and roller burnishing. Cold-drawn seamless tubes that are deemed “Suitable To Hone” are commonly used as the mother tube. The specific honing method used is determined by the required dimensions, available molds, and customer requirements.


The most popular material of our honed tubes is carbon steel grade ST52.3 /ST52 / E355. And we also produce honed cylinder tubes in other materials such as SAE 1020, 1026, 42CrMo, 4140, 27SiMn, stainless steel and so on.

Size Range:

As the leading hydraulic cylinder honed tube suppliers, most of the factories can produce honed cylinder tubes in a wide range of metric sizes and imperial sizes. Here below is the typical size range of honed tubes.

Inside Diameter 32mm to 600mm; Imperial sizes equally.

Normally honed tubing is supplied in fixed length or random lengths, the max. Length of honed tube is 14 meters, sometimes even longer for special application purpose.

What are the Chief Applications of the honed tubes?

Honed steel tubing is primarily used for the manufacture and repair of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. Our honed steel tubing is prepared as hydraulic cylinder tubes and requires no further machining of the inner diameter.

In addition, our honed tubes can also be utilized in other applications that require precise inner diameter dimensions and a smooth inner surface.

Where to buy high quality honed tubes?

As honed tubes are the most important materials for manufacturing and repairing the hydraulic cylinders and pneumatic cylinders, the quality of the honed tube directly determines the quality and safety of the cylinders. So it is very important to buy high quality honed tubes.
There are a number of high quality honed tube manufacturers in the world, such as Teamtube, CRC, Sandvik. And in China, Guangxi Hydraulics is also a very high quality honed tube manufacturer.

Brief Introduction of Guangxi Hydraulics

Guangxi Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd is one of the best China honed tube manufacturer and honed tube suppliers. We manufacture honed tube and chrome plated bar induction hardened chrome plated bar for hydraulic cylinder applications for more than 20 years.

Our honed tube & chrome plated bar factory covers an area of 40,000 square meters and a building area of 30,000 square meters, of which the production plant area is 25,000 square meters. We produce cold drawn seamless tubes, honed tubes / honed steel tubing, hydraulic cylinder tubes of more than 20,000 tons, and we manufacture hydraulic piston rods and chrome plated hollow bars of 500 thousand meters.

Why Choose Us?

1. Our products are strong, durable in use, and ready for use with many standard machines.

2. Quick delivery time

3. Strict quality control leads to high quality, high precision, smooth ID surface

4. Competitive Prices

5. Flexible order quantity

After years of hard work, our company has established itself as a reputable manufacturer of honed tubes in the market. Our factory’s honed tubes are now being supplied to customers across the world, with a sales network that spans several countries, including Canada, India, the UAE, Australia, South Africa, the UK, New Zealand, Vietnam, Mexico, Brazil, Thailand, Russia, and Germany, among others. As a result, we have become the primary supplier of honed tubes for customers in the hydraulic industry.

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