What are the advantages of honing tube and boring & rolling tubes

Honed tubing is produced by honing seamless cold drawn steel tubing through a machining process. The honing head reciprocates at high speeds to grind the inner hole of the cold-drawn steel tube. This process ensures that the inner hole meets the required tolerance size and surface roughness requirements for hydraulic cylinder barrels.

Boring and rolling tubes offer several advantages over the traditional honing process, including:

  • Improved surface finish: Boring and rolling tubes result in a smoother and more uniform surface finish compared to traditional honing. This is because honing can sometimes leave uneven surface patterns or scratches.
  • Improve the surface hardness: the surface hardness is increased by more than 50%.
  • Consistency: Boring and rolling tubes offer greater consistency in terms of surface finish and tolerances. With honing, there can be some variability from part to part due to factors such as the honing stone wear, temperature, and the operator’s technique.
  • Machining accuracy: The machining accuracy can reach IT8 level, and the surface roughness can reach Ra0.05-0.4μm
  • Increased productivity: Boring and rolling tubes can be completed more quickly than traditional honing. This is because the process can be automated and requires fewer steps. As a result, manufacturers can produce more parts in less time. The processing speed is nearly twenty times that of honing.
  • Cost-effective: Boring and rolling tubes are often more cost-effective than traditional honing. This is because the process requires less labor, and there is less equipment and tooling wear and tear.
  • Working environment: low noise, no pollution,
  • Reasonable processing procedures: Scraping and rolling can be arranged as the last procedure after other procedures (such as drilling holes, welding, threading, etc.) are completed.
  • Greater flexibility: Boring and rolling tubes can be used on a wider range of materials and sizes compared to traditional honing. This makes them a more versatile option for manufacturers.

Anyway, both honed tubes and bored & rolled tubes can be used as hydraulic cylinder barrel of hydraulic cylinders. To choose which manufacturing method, it is determined by the manufacturer itself, and some times by the request of the customer.

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