What are the advantages of Honing process VS Skiving & Roller Burnishing Process

Honed tube is one of the chief materials for producing and mending hydraulic cylinders and pneumatic cylinders. Mostly the honed cylinder tube is produced from pre-honed cold drawn seamless steel tubes or DOM tubes, by Honing process or Skiving & Roller burnishing process.

What is Honing Process?

The tube honing process is a machining process used to create a smooth, precise surface finish on the inside diameter (ID) of tubes or cylinders. It involves the use of abrasive stones or honing tools that are attached to the end of a rotating spindle. As the spindle rotates, the abrasive stones are moved back and forth along the length of the tube, removing any imperfections in the surface and creating a highly precise and consistent finish. This process is often used in the production of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, where precise tolerances and smooth surfaces are critical for proper functioning.

What are the advantages of honing cylinder tubes?

  • High processing accuracy of the inside diameters
  • Good surface quality: the surface of honing is cross-grain, which is beneficial to the storage of lubricating oil and the maintenance of oil film.
  • The honing speed is low (one tenth of the grinding speed), and the oil stone is in surface contact with the hole, so the average grinding pressure of each abrasive grain is small, so that while honing, the surface of the workpiece is almost without thermal damage and metamorphic layer, the deformation is small too. The honing machined surface has almost no sand and extruded hard layers.

What is Skiving & Roller Burnishing process for tubes?

Skiving and roller burnishing is a combined process for finishing tubes, often used in the manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders, fuel injection components, and other precision machinery.

Skiving is the process of removing a thin layer of material from the inner surface of a tube using a cutting tool with a specialized geometry. This results in a smoother inner surface with improved dimensional accuracy and surface finish. The skiving process can also be used to remove surface defects and improve the roundness of the tube.

After skiving, the tube is subjected to roller burnishing. This process involves passing a hardened tool or roller over the inner surface of the tube with a high pressure to smooth out any remaining roughness and improve the surface finish. The roller burnishing process also creates a compressive residual stress layer on the inner surface of the tube, which improves the fatigue strength and resistance to cracking.

The combined skiving and roller burnishing process can result in a tube with a highly accurate dimension and a smooth, mirror-like surface finish, making it ideal for applications where precise tolerances and excellent surface quality are required.

What are the advantages of Skiving & Roller Burnishing cylinder tubes?

  • The honed cylinder tubes which are processed by Skiving & Roller Burnishing have a surface residual compressive stress left on the surface layer, which contributes to the sealing of the surface micro crack and hinders the expansion of the erosion effect. Thereby, the surface corrosion resistance is improved, and the generation or expansion of the fatigue crack can be delayed, thereby improving the fatigue strength of the honed tube.
  • Through Roller burnish forming, the rolling surface forms a cold hardening layer, which reduces the elastic and plastic deformation of the grinding contact surface, thereby improving the wear resistance of the inner wall of the honing pipe and avoiding burns caused by grinding.
  • After rolling, the inside surface roughness value of honed tube is reduced, which can improve the tolerance fit property.

After knowing the advantages of the honing process compared to Skiving & Roller burnishing process, people can easily determine which manufacturing process to use when they need to purchase the honed cylinder tubes.

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