What is the difference between a honed tube and a polished tube?

Honed tube is popularly used in engineering, metallurgy, plastics, mining, road construction, textile and other industries. The manufacturing method of honed tubes mainly include cold rolling, cold drawing and honing. 

Here the honed tube suppliers tell you the difference between honed tube and polishing tube.

The honed tube is manufactured using a high-precision grinding process that is suitable for creating round holes as well as hardened tooth surfaces. It can also function as a polishing method and can be utilized as a combined grinding tool. By mounting it on a floating fixture, the tool can adjust itself, which minimizes the shape error of the hole. However, it cannot reduce the geometric error of the hole.

In contrast, the polishing tube involves the use of a soft polishing wheel or disc-shaped polishing disc in combination with polishing paste to achieve a highly finished surface on the workpiece. Despite the absence of rigid datums during machining, it can polish irregular surfaces, but it cannot reduce geometric errors. Nonetheless, it is a good alternative to honing tubes for this purpose.

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