How to repair the scratches on the surface of the honed cylinder tube

Hydraulic cylinder tube is the key material for manufacturing a hydraulic cylinder, but sometimes the hydraulic cylinder tubing might have scratches on the surface because of some reasons. In this case, how can we solve the problem?

How to repair the scratches on the inside diameter of the hydraulic cylinder tubing

When there are scratches on the surface of the honing cylinder, there are generally more on-site treatments, which are basically the following steps:

Step 1. Clean the inner surface of the honed tubing

Clean up the oil on the surface of the product, and then use an angle grinder to treat the scratched part. At this time, a dovetail groove should be polished on the surface of the cylinder wall of the product. Although the product has been cleaned at the beginning, it needs to be further cleaned at this time. At this time, anhydrous ethanol is used to clean the scratched and repaired surface.

Step 2. Repairing 

A specialized repair agent is available for repairing scratches on honing cylinders. Before using the repair agent, it is important to check if it is still within its validity period. Additionally, even if the repair agent is within its validity period, it may have expired due to improper storage, in which case it should not be used. Once the repair agent has been applied and smoothed, it should be raised above the surface of the original cylinder wall. The repaired section should then be heated and cured.

Step 3. Polishing 

Grind and Polish the repaired part of the hydraulic cylinder tube with water with a whetstone and restore it to be flush with the previous wall.

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