How is honed tube manufactured?

As one of the leading honed tubing manufacturers in China, our Guangxi factory, manufactures and produces honed tubes and pipes for cylinders in a diverse range of sizes and materials. To provide an overview of our manufacturing process, we present a brief introduction to the production of honed cylinder tubes.

What is honing?

Honing is a machining process that involves the use of abrasive stones or tools to smooth and improve the surface finish of a workpiece. It is typically used to refine the shape, size, and surface texture of cylindrical parts such as engine cylinders, gears, and hydraulic components. Honing can also be used to remove surface imperfections, burrs, and other irregularities left from previous machining operations. The process involves rotating the workpiece while a honing tool is moved back and forth along its length, removing small amounts of material until the desired surface finish is achieved. The function of honing for tube is to improve the surface finish and increase the wear resistance of the honed tubes.

How is honed tubing produced?

The following outlines the manufacturing process steps and processing technology utilized for cold drawn seamless honed tubes.

Step 1. Raw Material selection:

Choose round bars of suitable dimenions that meet the standards as the raw material bars for processing;

Step 2. Billeting

Free forging and heat treatment process: the steel round bar is processed by billeting, free forging and heat treatment;

Step 3. Straightening

Forging hammer straightening on the treated raw material bar;

Step 4. Making mother tubes by Hot Rolling, Hot extrusion or Hot piercing.

Make the mother seamless pipes from the round steel bars, through the manufacturing process of either Hot Rolling, Hot extrusion or Hot piercing.

Step 5. Cold drawing

Cold draw on the seamless mother tube to make cold drawn seamless tubes (CDS tube), and to make it pre-honed tubes.

Step 6. Honing on the tube inner diameter

The ID (inner diameter) of the tube is honed with honing stone, so that the through inner diameter of the tube can meet the size and machining accuracy requirements of seamless honed tubes;

Step 7. Inspection and packing:

Inspect the finished honed tubes according to customers’ requirements and corresponding standards, to ensure they can meet the required size and machining accuracy requirements, mechanical properties, chemical compostions, etc. 

Honing is a productive and precise machining technique for the internal diameter of tubes and pipes. It is often referred to as Honed ID tubing. Honed tubes are known for their excellent surface quality, minimal cutting allowance, reliable guiding performance, and resistance to blockages. Additionally, they can rectify any geometric imperfections in the machined inner diameter.

Our factory Guangxi is one of the leading China honed tube manufacturers & suppliers. We manufacture and supply various sizes and materials of honed tubes for cylinder applications.

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