What is the procedure for conducting heat treatment on honed tubes?

Honed tube is the critical material for producing cylinders, and the heat treatment for the honed tube is a very important process. Because the cylinder tube can get better performance through the process of heat treatment.

The heat treatment process for honing tubes involves several steps, which are as follows: forging annealing, rough machining, quenching and tempering, semi-finishing, stress relief, rough grinding, high-frequency quenching, tempering, and finishing. Let’s familiarize ourselves with these steps.

The following focuses on two key aspects:

1. Quenching and tempering: The purpose of quenching and tempering is to make the honed tubes have good comprehensive mechanical properties. Therefore, in order to obtain high hardness, corresponding strength and excellent mechanical properties, we generally need to carry out tempering treatment for honed tubes of material SAE 1020, CK45 and SAE 4140 honed tubes.

2. Stress relief treatment: Under normal circumstances, annealed castings, forgings, and weldments generate internal stress due to the different cooling rates of each part during cooling, so stress relief treatment is required for honed tubing.


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