How to avoid surface defects on honed tubes?

Sometimes the raw material tube for honed tube has some defects such as pitting, small nicks on the surface before processing, which is an important factor affecting the quality of the finished honed tube. In order to get good quality hydraulic cylinder tubes after honing, these pitting points need to be repaired first. So, what are the repair solutions for the surface defects of the mother tube?

Here below are the solutions:

  1. Increase the deformation of cold drawing process
    Increase the total deformation amount can reduce the pitting depth and reduce the honing grinding allowance. So usually we will
    increase the cold drawing deformation times to increase the total deformation.
  2. Choose high quality hot rolled mother tubes
    Surface defects are usually from the mother tubes which are hot-rolled pipes. Therefore, by selecting high quality hot-rolled pipes which with less of corrosion and uniform wall thickness as the mother tube for honing pipes, surface defects can be greatly reduced and the yield of hydraulic cylinder tubes can be obviously improved.
  3. Removing the inner surface defects of the mother hot rolled tubes

Advantages of our factory’s honed tubes

As one of the leading honed tube suppliers and manufacturers, our honed tubes are produced under reasonable manufacturing processes and strictly quality control, so they have advantages as below.

  1. There will be residual stress layer after cold drawing and honing processes, which can increase the fatigue strength of honed cylinder tubes by 30%.
  2. Good roundness, the ellipticity of our honed tube can be ≤0.01mm.
  3. Improve the surface hardness, so that the deformation of the force will be eliminated, the inside surface hardness can be increased by HV ≥ 4 °
  4. Improved surface roughness, and the inside surface roughness of honed cylinder tubes can be as good as Ra≤0.04μm.
  5. Improve the quality of the coordination, reduce wear and extend the life of the parts, while the processing costs of the parts will be reduced.

Benefit from the above advantages, our honed cylinder tubes are widely used in all cylinder applications in various industries, they can be used to build and repair hydraulic cylinders and pneumatic cylinders.

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