How to get the high-quality chrome-plated rods?

Chrome Plate bar for cylinder rod is a key material for mechanical piston movement. Choosing a high-quality chrome plated rod is crucial. To aid in this process, we will outline the selection standards based on material, hardness, straightness, and thickness of the chrome-plated layer.

What are the essential quality standards for cylinder piston rods that are chrome plated?

Basic requirements for chrome plated rods for hydraulic pistons:
1. Sufficient strength, stiffness, and stability
2. Good wear resistance, high machining accuracy, and surface roughness requirements
3. Minimized stress concentration in structure
4. Firm connection to prevent loosening
5. Easy disassembly and assembly of piston rod structure

How to choose a high-quality chrome plated cylinder rod?

1. Materials

This material is the main raw material for manufacturing hydraulic cylinder barrels and cylinder piston rods, So depending on the quality of the materials utilized, we have the option to select chrome-plated piston rods of superior caliber. We produce high quality material SAE 1045 chrome plated rods, CK 45 chrome plated rods, and SAE 4140 chrome plated bar.

2. Straightness

The straightness requirements of high-quality chrome-plated piston rods are of great significance, as it serves as a crucial indicator.

3. Hardness

The term hardness primarily pertains to a material’s capacity to withstand the pressure of solid items being pressed onto its surface. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to note that the ideal hardness isn’t necessarily the hardest one. The appropriate level of hardness is essential in ensuring top-notch product quality. To achieve optimal hardness, we offer the production and distribution of induction hardened chrome plated bar.

4. Thickness of chrome-plated layer

Chrome-plated rods are versatile and widely used in various industries, including hydraulic pneumatics, construction machinery, automobile manufacturing, plastic machinery, packaging machinery, printing machinery, and textile machinery. So chrome plated rods are known as hard chrome plated shafts also. With a chrome finish of 0.22mm or more, these rods are ideal for smooth shaft piston rods and can also be used as linear shafts for conveying machinery and optical equipment. Our company specializes in producing a range of chrome-plated rods, including piston rods, hollow piston rods, hydraulic cylinder rods, and precision piston rods. Our products are known for their excellent surface finish, uniform hardness, and stable delivery. As a direct factory supplier, we offer wholesale prices and fast delivery. Please contact us for more information.

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