How is high precision cold drawn seamless tube produced?

A seamless steel tube with high precision, known as high-precision cold-drawn tube, is manufactured through the process of cold-rolling, cold-drawing or a combination of both. It is renowned for its exceptional dimensional accuracy and superior surface finish, making it a popular choice for hydraulic cylinder tube.

Our company is a professional manufacturer of honed tubes and CDS tubes,Let us present the production process for high-precision cold-drawn tubes:

(1) The supply of pipe materials, which can be hot-rolled finished pipes or semi-finished pipes, extruded pipes, and welded pipes.

(2) Preparation of pipe materials, involving inspection, bundling, pickling, cleaning, rinsing, neutralization, drying, lubrication, and more.

(3) Cold rolling or cold drawing.

(4) The finishing of the final products, which includes heat treatment, straightening, sampling, cutting the head and tail, inspection, hydraulic testing, oiling, packaging, storage, and other procedures. The finishing contents vary depending on the product.

The utilization of high-precision cold-drawn steel pipe is highly recommended for hydraulic cylinder tubes due to its exceptional metal properties. The primary component of a hydraulic cylinder barrel is the hydraulic cylinder tube, which is made from this type of steel. The high-precision cold-drawn steel tube used in creating hydraulic cylinder tubes offers superior strength, rigidity, wear resistance, and performance. Additionally, the inner surface is hard, while the outer surface is tough.

Cold-drawn seamless tubes with high precision are applicable in a variety of industries, including hydraulic system and automobile manufacturing piping, military and construction machinery, railway locomotives, aerospace, ships, injection molding and die-casting machines, machine tools, diesel engines, petrochemicals, power plants, boiler equipment, and more.

About Guangxi Hydraulics

Guangxi Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd is the leading China manufacturer of hydraulic cylinder materials such as honed tube manufacturer and suppliers.

For almost three decades, we have been producing honed tubes, cold drawn seamless tubes, chrome plated bars, induction hardened chrome plated bar, and chrome plated shafting for hydraulic cylinder applications. Our honed tube and chrome plated bar factory spans 40,000 square meters with a building area of 30,000 square meters, with the production plant area taking up 25,000 square meters. We manufacture over 20,000 tons of cold drawn seamless tubes, honed tubes/honed steel tubing, hydraulic cylinder tubes, and chrome plated od tube, while our chrome plated bar factory produces 500,000 meters of hydraulic piston rods.

We are a preferred choice for many reasons: our products are strong, durable, and compatible with standard machines, we offer quick delivery times, we maintain strict quality control standards resulting in high precision and smooth ID surfaces, we offer competitive prices, and we accommodate flexible order quantities. Our honed tubes are well-known in the market, and we supply them to customers all over the world, including Canada, India, UAE, Australia, South Africa, UK, NZ, Vietnam, Mexico, Brazil, Thailand, Russia, and Germany. We have become the leading chrome plated bar and honed tube supplier for customers in the hydraulic industry.

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