What are the classifications of Cold-Drawn Steel tubes (CDS tube)?

Precision cold-drawn seamless tubes, also known as cold-drawn steel tubes, possess exceptional dimensional accuracy and excellent surface finish. These tubes are utilized in mechanical structures and hydraulic equipment. The implementation of precision seamless pipes in the production of mechanical structures or hydraulic equipment can significantly reduce machining time, enhance material utilization, and elevate product quality.

What are the classifications of cold-drawn tubes?

1. Cold-drawn Seamless carbon steel tubes

AE 1020 steel or ST52.3 steel are utilized to manufacture cold-drawn carbon steel seamless tubes with a highly stable carbon structure. These tubes undergo stricter scrutiny than other steel pipes and are commonly employed in applications that demand exceptional flexibility. Typically, honed tubing is produced from carbon steel cold drawn seamless tubing, which is widely utilized as hydraulic cylinder tube for hydraulic cylinder barrel.

2. Cold drawn Seamless steel tube with Small diameter

Many individuals are unaware that cold-drawn steel pipes can be transformed into small-diameter seamless steel pipes. These pipes are composed of low carbon content and possess significant stiffness.

3. seamless cold drawn Precision steel tubes

Precision seamless cold drawn steel tubes are primarily utilized for mechanical structures that demand accuracy, particularly for hydraulic equipment, where they can have a significant impact. These tubes are typically produced according to DIN 2391 or EN 10305 specifications and are extensively employed as hydraulic tubes.

Cold drawn seamless steel tubes classifications by materials

  • 1020 cold drawn seamless steel tubes
  • ST52.3 cold drawn seamless steel tubes
  • CK45 cold drawn seamless steel tubes
  • 27SiMn cold drawn seamles steel tubes.
  • SAE 4140 cold drawn seamless steel tubes: this material of CDS tubes are usually used to manufacture 4140 hydraulic cylinder barrels.
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