What Factors affect the quality of hydraulic cylinder barrels

Hydraulic cylinder barrel is known as hydraulic cylinder tube also, it is one of the main pressure-bearing parts of the hydraulic cylinders. Hydraulic cylinder tube is usually seamless cold drawn honed tube or DOM honed tube. Our factory is a professional honed tube suppliers and manufacturers in China.

If the hardness of the engineering hydraulic cylinder barrel changes, it is likely to be formed during the honing process (or skiving & roller burnishing process). If machining tool wear is relatively serious, and some tool cutting conditions may occur, resulting in damaged products. In addition, when the floating boring tool is used for processing, the quality of the inner hole will also be affected.

In addition, in the manufacturing process of engineering hydraulic cylinder barrels, the staff also need to strictly control the workpiece clamping and the adjustment of the boring machine. In fact, during the entire boring process, the fixture, workpiece, boring machine spindle, boring bar base, oil receiver, boring tool and boring bar center line remain the same, which is the key to ensuring the excellent quality of the inner hole machining process. When adjusting the boring machine, care should be taken to maintain its coaxiality. In addition, attention should be paid to the inspection and adjustment of the tail of the hydraulic cylinder tank, and it is found that the wear has recovered in time. In rough machining, the chuck can be used to increase productivity.

As one of the leading hydraulic honed tube suppliers in China, our factory produce honed cylinder tubes in a wide range of metric sizes and imperial sizes. Our honed hydraulic cylinder tubes are widely used for hydraulic cylinders.

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