What are the benefits of chrome plating for cylinder piston rods?

The hydraulic cylinder relies heavily on the chrome plated cylinder rod, as its proper functioning affects the performance of other components. The hydraulic cylinder rod must meet stringent requirements, including a smooth surface, resistance to corrosion, high tensile strength, and low friction. These characteristics are achieved through chrome plating, which involves coating the high-strength carbon steel rod (such as CK45 chrome plated bar, 1045 chrome plated rod, etc.) with a hard, corrosion-resistant layer. Chrome plating is a complex electrochemical process that produces the best results with a thickness of 10-30 microns single-sided, with 15 microns being the most economical. The hardness of the coating should be between 750-890HV, as exceeding this range makes the coating brittle, while falling below it reduces its wear-resistance.

Benefit of hard chrome plating

1. Superior Hardness:
– Hard chrome plating is harder than most other industrial abrasives and metallic coatings.
– Measuring between 68 and 72 HRC, hard chrome plating can withstand demanding industrial applications and high stresses.

2. Durable Thickness:
– Depending on the specific application, it is possible to apply hard chrome plating in various thicknesses to meet the project needs.
– Hard chrome plating between 10 and 500 micrometers will provide a hardness of about 68 to 69 HRC.
– Thick, hard chrome plating protects machine components against wear during regular operation or in harsh conditions, such as when exposed to corrosive chemicals.
– When used to repair damaged or worn components, manufacturers can apply hard chrome plating much thicker if necessary.
– It offers excellent resistance to abrasion and wear to extend component lifespan.

3. Low Deposition Temperature:
– Applying hard chrome plating at low temperatures ensures the physical and mechanical properties of the substrate remain unaffected during the plating process.
– It is possible to deposit hard chrome plating without the risk of damaging precise metal parts and equipment components.

4. Excellent Adhesion:
– Offering long-term durability, hard chrome plating has excellent adherence to many metal bases with minimal risk of flaking.
– To further improve adhesion, components get cleaned thoroughly to remove all contaminants before plating.
– Parts get treated with chemical solutions as necessary to ensure strong and lasting adherence of the chrome plating during the electrolytic bath.

5. Low Friction:
– Hard chrome plating creates very little friction when in contact with metals, graphites, carbons and polymers.
– When used on moving parts such as hydraulic piston rods, hard chrome plating reduces friction and heat between equipment components.
– Lower friction and reduced operating temperatures can prevent hard chrome plated shafts from seizing and extend the lifespan of essential equipment components like pumps and hydraulic cylinders.
– The low friction and superior smoothness of polished hard chrome plating also ensure sensitive products such as the chrome plated shafts do not get damaged from abrasion during processing.

6. Wear and Abrasion Resistance:
– Because of its hardness and low friction, hard chrome plating is exceptionally resistant to wear.
– Hard chrome plating can be applicable to sliding components such as cylinder rods, chrome plated shafts etc, in metal-to-metal contact applications and with rough, abrasive products like coal, sand and cement.
– Even in high mechanical contact stress, hard chrome plating holds up against wear and abrasion for long-term durability.

7. Corrosion Resistance:
– Hard chrome plating has extreme oxidization resistance, making it invaluable in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries.
– You can use hard chrome plating with most gases and organic acids for processing materials like fruits, beer, brines, milk, oils and fuels, molten glass and glue.
– Because they can withstand harsh sanitizers and cleaning agents, it is possible to thoroughly clean hard chrome-plated machine components for applications where sanitation is crucial.

In general, the quality of the hydraulic cylinder is somewhat dependent on the quality of the hydraulic piston rod. As a result, it is important to demand a high level of precision during equipment processing. Rolling should be utilized to process the hydraulic cylinder piston rod, as the surface layer retains residual stress. Chrome plating is beneficial in sealing small surface cracks and inhibiting erosion expansion, thus enhancing surface corrosion resistance and delaying the formation or enlargement of fatigue cracks.

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