What is the difference between cold drawn seamless tube and hot rolled tube?

Cold-drawn seamless tube is a kind of steel processed by cold-drawing and other techniques under normal temperature environment. Compared with the cold-drawn tube, the hot-rolled tube is a kind of steel processed above the recrystallization temperature. The specific differences between cold-rolled tubes and hot-rolled tubes are as follows:

1) When making a cold-drawn pipe, its section can have a certain degree of bending, and bending is conducive to strengthening the bearing capacity of the cold-drawn pipe. However, when making a hot-rolled tube, its section must not be partially bent, which will shorten its service life.

2) Because the dimensional accuracy and surface roughness of the cold-drawn tube and the hot-rolled tube are also different. Generally speaking, cold-drawn pipes are more precise than hot-rolled pipes, and the surface roughness is much better.

3) Cold drawn seamless tubes can be made to honed tubes, which are widely used as hydraulic cylinder barrels, while the hot rolled tubes usually cannot be honed directly to make the hydraulic cylinder tubes. This is because the hot rolled tubes are with lower mechanical strength such as yield strength than the cold drawn tubes.

4) There is a difference between the production process of cold-drawn tubes and hot-rolled tubes.

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