What is a Multi-stage Hydraulic Cylinder?

Multi-stage hydraulic cylinder brief introduction

Multi-stage hydraulic cylinders are well-knonw as Telescopic hydraulic cylinders also. It is composed of two or more stage piston cylinders, mainly composed of cylinder head, hydraulic cylinder barrel, sleeve, piston and other parts.

Our factory produces OD chrome plated honed tubes for multi-stage hydraulic cylinder manufacturing and repairing.

The hydraulic cylinder barrel has inlet and outlet ports A and B at both ends. When oil is supplied to port A and returned to port B, the larger first-stage piston is pushed before the smaller second-stage piston. The piston with a larger effective area moves slowly with high thrust, while the smaller piston moves faster with less thrust. Conversely, when oil is supplied to port B and returned to port A, the secondary piston returns first before the primary piston.

The telescopic hydraulic cylinder can extend to a long length during operation and shorten when not in use, making it ideal for limited installation space such as crane telescopic booms. The effective working area gradually decreases as the cylinder extends, causing the extension speed to increase with constant input flow and the working pressure to increase with constant external load. The single-acting telescopic hydraulic cylinder extends based on oil pressure and contracts based on its own weight or load, making it suitable for inclined or vertically rotated cylinder body applications.

Telescopic hydraulic cylinders

Chrome Plated OD Honed Tubes for Telescopic Hydraulic cylinders

Honed tube is the main material for manufacturing hydraulic cylinders, while chrome plated bar is the main material for manufacturing hydraulic cylinder rods. To produce a telescopic hydraulic cylinder, each mobile stage of the cylinder functions as both the cylinder barrel and the cylinder rod. Therefore, the manufacturing process requires the utilization of a chrome plated tube with a honed inner diameter and a chrome-plated outer diameter.

Our factory produces a complete range of honed tubes with a sleek inner diameter that serves as the hydraulic cylinder barrel. The outer diameter of the tube is ground, polished, and chrome plated, making it suitable as the cylinder rod for another stage. We offer materials such as SAE 1020, SAE 1026, ST52.3, E355, and CK45 for our honed tubes with OD chrome plating, which are ideal for telescopic hydraulic cylinders. Furthermore, we manufacture a variety of products in addition to chrome plated tubes as below.

  1. Chrome plated shafting / chrome plated rods
    2-1. CK45 Chrome Plated Rod | CK45 Hard Chrome Bar | CK45 Chrome Rod​s
    2-2. 1045 Chrome Plated Rod
    2-3.  4140 Chrome Plated Rod | 4140 Chrome plated bar
    2-4. Induction hardened Chrome Plated Bar
  2. Honed cylinder tubes
  3. 4140 honed cylinder tubes | 4140 hydraulic cylinder barrel
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